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Paweł Eibel

ur. 1985, lives and works in Warsaw, Poland

Paweł Eibel debuted with an exhibition called Soleil Noir, which was the first individual show in Czułość gallery. This purely visual body of work relates to linguistic incapabilities of an individual overwhelmed by depression – disorder one can extend in the study by Bulgarian philosopher and psychoanalyst Julia Kristeva, in her book entitled Black Sun. In reference to Kristeva, Paweł searches for a bond between the one who struggles to find the words to describe his sickness, and the one, who tries to describe the contemporary photographic image. That makes his photographs often loose their relation to reality becoming visual riddles, that want to set obstacles for interpretation. Other crucial theme is the aspiration to peculiar totality, which Eibel wants to achieve by building compositions of images and objects, which circulate in different directions or meanings. Such attitude – naive and destructive as it gets – reflects the perspective of nowadays observer, battling the diversity and simultaneity of visual stimuli.

The silence, which image uses to speak, became the center part of Eibel's further artistic inquiries about the nature and ontology of the visual. He has chosen photography as the most vivid and extreme example of how the sense and the meaning glitter on the picture surface. In most recent works the artist mainly focuses on the image itself, while creating his works as a sort of cut-ups from other images; just like in the Palms, where the image comes from rephotographed TV screen broadcasting the first scene of Apocalypse Now, by Francis Ford Coppola.

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09.2010 – How, How I Miss You – group exhibition, Czułość, Warsaw
12.2010 – Soleil Noir – solo exhibition, Czułość, Warsaw
05.2011 – Atak Czułości - group exhibition, Photomonth in Cracow, Miejsce, Cracow
06.2011 – Behind Open Doors – group exhibition, Nachbarn 2.0 Polish-German Festival
06.2011 - Sam się publikuj - group exhibition, Czułość, Warsaw
11.2011 – Fotosprint – group exhibition, Fundacja Archeologii Fotografii, Warsaw
01.2012 – Wystawa Fotografii – group exhibition, Mito Gallery, Warsaw
04.2012 – Coming Soon – group exhibition, Temporary Gallery Cologne, Germany
06.2012 – Już znowu z Tobą – group exhibition, New Roman, Cracow
07.2012 - II Urodziny Czułości - group exhibition, Czułość, Warsaw