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Lena Dobrowolska

untitled, from the series Plateau

  • photographyarchival print
    44,5 × 33,3 cm, ed. 1/3 + 1AP
    105 × 133 cm, ed. 1/2 + 1AP + 1GP
  • 44.5 × 33.3 cm
  • 280 EUR

this work is for sale

  • medium format
  • framed
  • signed by the artist
  • certificate included

Plateau concentrates on testing the concept of the human condition as part of a larger geographical, social, and cultural organism. The project is an attempt to depict the concept of consciousness asknowledge incarnate, comparable to long-term historical-temporal-spatial processes, recalling the process of creation of geological deposits and folds. The body is understood here not only in an anatomical sense, but also as a realm, a plane of recording structures and formations, fulfilling the role of an alternate consciousness. Everything we experience is recorded in the body in the form of an internalized foundation, which in the future will form the beginning of new events.

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