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Janek Zamoyski

Untitled, from the series Czulosc

  • photographyarchival print
    ed. 3/5+2AP+1GP, framed
  • 60 × 40 cm

this work is for sale

  • medium format
  • framed
  • signed by the artist
  • certificate included

A photographic picture on the edge of photographicity. Abusing perspective – the spine of each and every photo. Perfect in its ugliness, defective in its beauty. Reduced and crude. A picture like paper, like a wall. Aware of the history, but unwilling to inscribe into it. I don’t know if this is due to a mocked innocence, or a heroic premeditation. Containing no melancholy, suffering, excitement, auto-therapy, smoke, psychedelia, broken hearts. Withdrawn and taciturn. A picture which is not a sign, not a means of communication. The landscape of what can be seen through a window versus the landscape of a pane of glass.

(text: Paweł Eibel)

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